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Internet Radio in Europe

With so many cultures and languages in an area smaller than North America, internet radio in Europe varies greatly from country to country. Channels with 70s hits to news exist in practically every country and most Public stations now broadcast online.

Some say the word "Music" comes from the Greek word "Mousiki" meaning the science of the composing of melodies - who are we to argue? - we can only thank them!

An unusual point of Europe is that a chart hit in one country may never appear outside of that country so be warned - every country is distinctive. From the home of Pavarotti to French legend Johnny Hallyday to ABBAs' birthplace, the musical trip is long and varied. Cross to England and you have the world famous BBC and Virgin Radio - swim a bit further and you arrive in the Celtic music home of the Chieftains which just happens to be on the same street as U2.

Dance your way to the east of Europe and you are over to Russian and Roman influences with that touch of the Orient gently creeping in - the beats are more dynamic and the message stronger.

Finally pop back to Spain and dance to Latin beats or just lay back and soothe yourself to sleep with a guitar.

Even if you can't speak the languages, the music is always enchanting so be warned and beware - it's Europe - home of a thousand tongues of music!